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Hello there. Since it’s my birthday today, I decided to make a follow forever in commemoration of it (+ I reached my birthday goal that I had set yAY). Thank you to all my lovely followers, old and new, for making my experience in the ARMY fandom quite a wonderful one. You guys rock !! To the people I’ve had a chance to speak to, although fleeting for most (sorry for being awks OTL), thanks for putting up with me. Also, to the few friends I’ve actually managed to make and keep, I love you losers long time xoxo ! Okay, yeah bye.
 p.s. i follow some of you with this, but most of you with this.bold = favourite blogs // hover for msgs that i got really lazy with LOL.

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special mention to my amazing friend, kristy. thanks for making me smile with your adorable, spazzing msgs. i love you very much.
[FA] Jin trying to cook ramyun…
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Late birthday gift for Chacha..Her birthday’s on August 21st.. so it’s eight months ago… so.. eh… happy birthday!! XDDD*koprol*  \( ._. )/      /( .-. )\     \( ._. )/

my late birthday gift XDDDD

wow.. okay so i did my first follow forever two months ago and since then my follower count has tripled. lemme say that again. triPLED. that’s a huge amount of people!! so I would like to first thank all of those who follow me cause y’all are the best. it makes my mornings when I see all of the new followers I gained overnight. I decided to make this follow forever to show my appreciation to my followers and those whom I follow because without either one of them my tumblr experience would be completely different. i put everyone i follow here no matter how large or small, because you all make my dashboard unique and fun to go to everyday. 
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